Getting Started

If you have just purchased the Simple City Builder, please click on Installation on the left hand side to begin.


* Unity 2017.2.0 or greater (Simple City Builder, we recommend Unity 2017.2.0 or later)


Thank you for purchasing our kit. The following instructions will help you setup your new Simple City Builder version. We've added more features than ever in our latest version. If you have trouble installing, please contact us and we'll help you out.

* Remember - Keep Daily Backups!
When working on a strategy game with a kit as big as the Complete Kit - always keep a working daily backup! Save yourself the trouble of rolling-back changes and losing work.


Viewport Navigation

Regarding viewport navigation, You may face how to change viewport to isometric game angle.

Now you can see the viewport camera changed to isometric game angle. Now you can edit your game items.

You can also change viewport camera to UI editing mode by

Create New Building/Character Walkthrough

This is the first part to customizing buildings. Follow the steps below.

1. Adding your own building/character images

It's as easy as a-b-c:

Using similar image sizes will make things easier, but it's not mandatory - you can scale everything down, as long as the graphics quality remains reasonable on the target platform.

The existing images of the buildings/character used for the kit are inside -> Textures/Buildings, as the following image will show you: Screenshot

2. Add To Sprite Collections


3. How To Configure Sprite Collections

Each Sprite has 10 properties


Property Description
Name Name of the Sprite
Textures Under this popdown we can add images of 6 directions. That is, BOTTOM, BOTTOM RIGHT, RIGHT, TOP RIGHT, TOP
Grid Size You can decide grid size of your sprite whether it is 1x1, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6
Rendering Layer This is about rendering order. There are three 3 types of rendering layers GROUND, SHADOW, SPRITE
Rendering Order You can also decide rendering order in a particular rendering layer. This is for when we use morethan one sprites for a rendering layer
Direction This is for change direction of sprite for edit configuration of each directions
OffsetX This is for move sprite left or right
OffsetY This is for move sprite top or bottom
Scale For scaling sprite up and down
Animation For configuring animation

4. Add To Items Collections